Welcome to my practice. We all struggle at times with certain thoughts and feelings. These can include anxiety, depression, anger, indecision, stress from conflict or trauma, or relationship issues. In relationships, we can get into negative patterns and create distance and conflict. Often, we handle these difficulties and move on in life. When problems become persistent, overwhelming, or we find ourselves unsure about the best direction to take, we may consider therapy.

I understand that turning to therapy and finding the right therapist can also be challenging. I am happy to help with this process. Together we can look at your particular situation and then identify what resources, including therapy, might help.

Often, you, or you and your partner, can get helpful resources and ideas in just one to six sessions. Included on this site is a page of recommended reading. You may find that simply by reading one or two of these books, you will experience some relief and positive change.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in counseling, please feel free to call and talk to me about your questions and concerns.