My office is located at 705 Pine Street in Mt. Shasta, CA, about a block south of the hospital and on the opposite side of the street.

From the 5 freeway (either coming from the north or south), take the Central Mt Shasta exit. Coming from the north, turn left from the offramp and cross over the freeway. You are on Lake Street. From the south, merge to your right onto Lake Street. Continue on Lake Street past Rite Aid and the gas station on the left and turn left onto Pine Street just before the railroad tracks. Continue on Pine Street through the Alma four-way intersection. After two blocks, look for a sign for Edward Jones on your left.

My office is in this building which has a distinctive boardwalk for wheelchair access across the front lawn. Park and take the boardwalk, turning left to the office on the left marked 705 with my name on the door.